Japan Summons – The New World Army on the Counteroffensive 2

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Previous Chapter: The New World Army on the Counteroffensive 1

Combined Base Lars Filmyna, Leifor, Gra Valkas Empire

In Leifor, the Gra Valkas Empire has a multitude of bases and garrisons. In Leiforia, the capital of the former superpower Leifor, a massive base was built as the final stronghold against an attack from the continent. Since the base, named Lars Filmyna, is also the site in which the command of the Mu unification effort is located, it is far bigger than any base found in Leifor. With the Army and the Navy situated in the base for maximum efficiency in management and operation of the two, the military presence and power in this base alone is high. Coming from the skies east of the base’s geometrically-planned layout of buildings is a faint light; one that would end the domination of night.

“Excuse me!”

Army officer Ramball entered the room of Leifor Reserve Forces commander Fantare. Last night, they lost contact with the Hinomawari Kingdom, and so the armed forces have judged that fighting had commenced and are moving to a state of high alert.

“We still can’t contact Hinomawari. We keep losing contact with the recon planes we have been sending. I judge that the enemy has commenced their actual attack.”

“Hmm… What about the Navy?”

“We’ve already contacted them. They’re in a state of emergency but I have a hunch that they could provide little overwatch. We should increase the number of overwatch fivefold!”

Commander Fantare looked at Ramball with a dubious expression.

“What are you saying, Col. Ramball? I don’t think their fighters have the range to go from their bases to here. They’re not stupid enough to send their attack aircraft without escorts, right? In essence, due to the insufficiency in range of their aircraft, an air bombing campaign is impossible. Even if it is possible, it might be just a lone bomber. No way in hell it would be massive in scale.”

Fantare looked at the base from his window. There, the Imperial Army Air Corps continues to move into a state of heightened alert, ready to sortie at a moment’s notice. Dozens of aircraft are lined up, attended to by sharp-looking soldiers. From his point of view, their level of training is worthy of commendation.

“The aircraft on overwatch are enough. Nothing would go wrong. There are five radar sites with varying frequencies set up around Leiforia, along with three others as backup. Considering that their electromagnetic attacks may render our comms useless, we have wired communications lines to the other bases and they’re even deep underground. It’s impossible that we’ve overlooked the enemy.

Usually, one base would have been enough but… ever since the Navy got their asses handed to them, we’ve been forced to increase the number of bases, garrisons, everything! One could even say that this radar network is far better than the one set up in our capital! Moreover, there are multiple camouflaged anti-air emplacements in the mountains-even better than what the Navy could provide! Considering the possibility of enemy attack, these countermeasures are more than enough!”

He continued.

“Also… I bet you understand it as well that it’s simply impossible to capture a base simply by levelling it with bombs. The Army still has 320,000 men in the many bases and garrisons spread out all over Leifor. In addition, there’s 70 ships from the Navy’s Leifor Defense Fleet on standby to the east. Our forces are simply… overwhelming.”

“I do understand that our forces are powerful, but our enemy is the country of Japan. They’re not of this world. The great fleet sent by the Navy to subjugate them was utterly and completely defeated. I do understand that the Army and Navy are fundamentally different, but there’s no such thing as being too vigilant when it comes to Japan!”

“Indeed. The Navy has suffered a massive defeat. It won’t be a stretch to call the scale of the defeat historical. Adding insult to injury, our Army Air Corps base in Riem was also leveled. There is no doubt that Japan is strong and that they shouldn’t be looked down upon. However, this is more than enough vigilance. Considering that this might drag on, we can’t take a higher level of vigilance. We can’t just keep sending up planes on overwatch. While we have a huge number of troops, they aren’t infinite. Well, speaking of which, since we are also conducting training flights, there should be eight times more planes up in the air, not five times. Since moving into a state of heightened alert, we ceased those training flights and since they aren’t doing anything, they’re just there to serve as overwatch.”

Commander Fantare flat out rejected Ramball’s suggestion.

With the morning sun slowly rising, the base then came under its illumination. 

Suddenly, the telephone rang.

“It’s me.”

Reporting in! We’ve lost contact with the Desdemona garrison, but they were able to tell us that they’re under attack before being cut off!

“What?! Tell the aircraft on training flights to be on alert, now!”

Fantare slammed the phone back to the receiver.

“What happened?”

“It appears that Camp Desdemona is under attack. Quick! Let’s head to the command room.”

The two men then ran over to the command room. Turning from the hallway, they climbed a flight of stairs. Entering the command room out of breath, a loud shout of anger resounded throughout the room.

“What happened?!”

Hearing Fantare’s shout, his subordinates immediately flooded in and started reporting.

“Sir! We’ve lost contact with Sycorax Base, Perdy Base, Camp Desdemona, and Camp Kreshda!”

“I-Impossible! We have wired connections to those bases, right?! Could you be referring to radio comms?”

“We can’t even reach them through the radio! The only explanation is that they’re under attack, as reported by Desdemona before they went dark!”

A chill ran down their spines.

They wish for them to just be equipment failures but now that is near impossible.

“All five radars are down! We’re getting the three backup radars u-Ah shit! They’re all blank!”

Fantare looked over the radar screen. All eight screens were white.

“Fuck! Even though their frequencies are different?! How the hell did they still get all of them?! Maybe they broke down…?!”

“They didn’t! We already checked!”

The radar operator extinguished the flames of hope Fantare still had.

“Dammit! An enemy attack is imminent! Get every fighter that can fly out there! Get everyone to their stations!”

“Yes, sir!”


Loud alarms rang out across speakers all over the base.

“Everyone to their stations! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!”

Fantare’s orders were issued to everyone via his subordinates.

The Gra Valkan servicemen immediately ran to their stations. The aircraft on standby were all mobilized down the runway in preparation for take off.

Fantare looks out the window and sees the massive runway in the middle of the base get filled up with fighters taxiing for takeoff. Feeling the sense of overwhelming power from the sight, he continues to hold on to his confidence that they will never lose.

“We can do it! With our numbers, technology, and skill, we won’t lose! If we ever do, then nothing could hope to win against them!”

They lost all eight radars at the same time. They may have unimaginable levels of technology with which they may not even have any hopes of winning over. Realizing that thoughts of losing are crossing his mind, Fantare snaps himself out of it.

There, he sees three Antares fighters line up on the runway. Just as they were about to take off, a flash of light.

Then, a shockwave.


Ear-piercing sounds of explosions enveloped the Antares fighters preparing for take off. Every fighter got its wings clipped as the fuel from their innards spilled, catching fire and turning into an inferno.


The shockwave from the explosion shatters the windows.


Fantare was overcome by shards of glass blown against him.

“What happened?!”

“An accident?!”

Someone screams.

However, in the next moment, everyone realizes that it was no accident.

In quick succession, flashes of light envelop the radar dishes in their base and the positions of the radar towers set up along the mountain range, which are then followed by intense explosions. The radars that were for some reason inoperable are now completely destroyed.

“W-We’re under attack!”

“But from where?!”

They couldn’t even see where the attack was coming from. Fantare quickly scans the skies.

“What the-?!”

The awe-inspiring, powerful fighters they currently have in the air suddenly explode. One by one, the sky is filled with 40 flowers of fire and shockwaves as the formerly friendly aircraft are reduced to wrecks trailing black smoke.

The supposedly peaceful sky turned into hell in a single moment as flames continued to rain down on the base.

“T-That’s impossible…!!!”

Their aircraft were shot down without even being given the time to veer from their path. The pilots probably didn’t even notice that they were under attack.

It was a hopeless disparity in power.

Fantare began to shake at the awesome power unfolding before his eyes; one that can’t even be compensated for by skill.

Just then, a massive barrage of anti-aircraft gunfire sprang up from the base. The soldiers, compelled by fear from not knowing where the enemy is, blindly fired their anti-aircraft guns into the sky. A rain of tracers filled the morning sky. If a Japanese person were to see it, they may have thought of the scene as a cutout from the Gulf War where Iraqis blindly fired their anti-aircraft guns into the sky or maybe even the Pacific War where US Navy ships unleashed barrages of anti-aircraft gunfire in desperate attempts to down the kamikaze aircraft swooping down on their aircraft carriers.

Just from appearance alone, the scene is indeed stunning.


“Hangars 1 through 33 were bombed!”

“Anti-aircraft guns all throughout the mountains have been silenced! Moreover-Ack!”

The report is interrupted by an intense explosion. It isn’t just the anti-aircraft guns outside their base-anti-aircraft gun emplacements inside their base successively explode, falling silent moments later. One by one, the explosions shake the buildings and overpower the voices of the officers trying to report in.

Their radio is inoperable and their wired comms are too crowded by screams. They don’t even know what is happening anymore. The only thing they understand is that they are being attacked from somewhere and that they are losing their means of counterattack.

Just then, the guns stopped firing. Only the sounds of explosions remained.

“Dammit! We could only count on the fucking Navy now!”

Fantare’s entire person was enveloped in unstoppable shaking.

“How… How?! The pinnacle of imperial technology… in flames?!”

Fantare and Ramball continued to look on in disbelief as their base burned.

Part 2

Moving back in time a bit.

Personnel of the Foreign Affairs ministry have been staying up all night working.

The Imperial Navy had suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of Japan and the Holy Mirishial Empire. With this fact spreading throughout the world, the influence of the Gra Valkas Empire has since plummeted. Their many vassals have risen up in open revolt and have caused several headache-worthy problems for the ministry that they’ve begun drawing up plans for strengthening their diplomatic posture starting with Leifor. As part of this strengthening, a famous official from the hawks known for “stamping out barbarians with composure” has been deployed to the area: Eastern Affairs Department Chair Gesta. Against Cielia’s will, he was the one who ordered the execution of uncooperative prisoners, which included the survivors from the crew of Shikishima, the Japan Coast Guard patrol boat sunk off Cartalpas. Despite bitter objection from Cielia, he nevertheless ordered it to be carried out. His hardheadedness wasn’t limited to only the Japanese; there are many cities in this world that were erased off the map off the record. Still, due to his iron fist, they were able to make many people submit and surrender their domains to the empire, adding to his reputation. He is even hard on his own subordinates, forcing them to work day and night just to get preparations up to speed.

“Phew… Maybe I should take a smoke break… Oi, Cielia! Come with me to the rooftop for a bit of a chat.”

“Ah, of course.”

Cielia responded.

She only managed four hours of sleep the other day, whereas she wasn’t able to get any yesterday. There was a lot of work but too few people to do it. 

In Gesta’s eyes, Cielia is special. Possessing a straightforward heart not meant for Foreign Affairs work, she was able to get up where she currently is without any connections whatsoever, despite the cutthroat system. To him, this is proof that she is a staggeringly brilliant person, adding to her natural beauty.

He didn’t care about her straightforwardness and there were too many brilliant people in the world. What he really cared about was her beauty.

She is a stunning woman, one that makes herself known to those around her without giving anyone hints of what she truly feels about them.

This is Gesta’s impression of her.

There, at the rooftop, the two talked.

“Did you read Dallas’s report?”

“The one about the assimilation policy? That won’t pass with the people. So many things in that plan would only serve to breed problems for the near future. That and it doesn’t consider the prevailing opinion in the empire, which is against the nature of such a plan.”

Dallas’s conceived assimilation policy, generally speaking, is to have the genetics of Gra Valkan citizens mixed in with those from their vassals through interbreeding and with the massive scale of its questionable implementation, more people would have Gra Valkan blood. Since these half-breeds would also have native blood, the new worlders would have a harder time employing a campaign of eradication against the empire. Moreover, these half-breeds would then be given better treatment than full-blood natives in their own states and would thus become loyalists that the empire could use. In addition, any native woman that gives birth to a citizen of the empire would be treated with equality. These half-breeds are by definition lesser than a purebred Gra Valkan citizen but are higher in status than true natives. With that, the mentality of being part of a chosen race would then be implanted onto the natives. By creating a real and substantial social class, the target vassal states would be stabilized and if the number of half-breeds increases, it would become harder for a country like Japan to mount attacks on Gra Valkan citizens since they are, in essence, also a native. If these states are only ruled over by the empire and the empire loses and they win, then the half-breeds, despite having their own country, would still fall under the jurisdiction of being a vassal of the empire. Yet, they are still considered part of the world’s natives, making it impossible for Japan to truly wipe them out.

The policy would take a lot of time to implement but after a set amount of time that they’ve allowed it to happen, attacks from Japan would weaken. It is a policy that considers Japan’s character a lot, but as a woman herself, Cielia personally doesn’t want to implement it. Just thinking of it makes her want to throw up.

“I couldn’t care less what the natives think. As for the empire being against it, what do you mean?”

“There’s no way a family would accept their husbands and sons after learning of what they did or would do to the natives. Even if you impose a gag order on them, information will leak.”

“That’s it? What a stupid reason.”


“There’s no way soldiers would come out and say “I did it and they just forced me to shut up!” It would stain their own honor and dignity. Sure, others may leak information that they in fact did it but that would only amount to something like an urban legend. Dallas’s plan feels like it’s too much in the sense that it makes it seem that Japan is a target worthy of being vigilant against but it would work well against the other nations of this world. If we enforce it thoroughly and strictly, then it is a plan that uses the power of the natives against themselves while doing no harm against the empire nor incurring economic losses. It’s also an outlet for our soldiers. Who cares about what the natives think. If it stabilizes our control over vassals, then it’s perfect.”

Gesta continued.

“You consider feelings too often and give them too much weight. You’re getting carried away by them! Hmph, so is this what they say about women being too emotional? As for your report on Japan, you’re exaggerating it. There’s no way that such a massive difference in the level of civilization exists. Sure, the Navy lost, but it’s too great to be possible. What probably happened was that they were ambushed with overwhelming numbers and forced back due to a lack of ammunition. Moreover, the theory regarding anti-government forces supporting native uprisings holds merit. Actually… this is something I’ve gotten my hands on but it seems that there was a mutiny during the Great Fleet’s deployment to Japan.”

“The Navy itself admits that it lost disastrously. My evaluation of Japan isn’t due to my emotions getting in the way.”

“Sure. If a mutiny did in fact occur, the Navy would definitely hide it, even under the guise of a great defeat. The empire is strong-even more so than the Kain Divine Kingdom in the old world. Our only true enemy in this world is the Holy Mirishial Empire. Japan? Sure it may be ahead in technology, but they are too small in scale. We’d catch up and stamp them out with greater numbers. While they may be ahead, considering the number of ships and operational fighter craft they have, it is impossible to either defeat or attack fully. With the empire on the defense, there’s no way they would break through. Well, if the empire is going all out with its defense, then nothing could break through.”

The sky slightly begins to get brighter as the morning sun begins to shine on the slowly developing city of Leiforia. Pillars of thick, black smoke rise from the military industrial complexes in the city as the impressive brilliance of the Lars Filmyna fortress projects its immense sense of power all throughout. The feeling of power emanating from the base makes anyone think that no enemy exists in the world that could break such a powerful fortification.

Gesta took a smoke as he looked at the base.

“I’ve been thinking… by expanding our power and rule, it is possible to truly rule this world. My ambitions don’t lie in just this blasted hellhole, but out there to the greater places awaiting us. I’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means snuffing out the lives of either the natives or those blasted Japanese you care so much about.”

Gesta lusted for power.

While he spoke with a likeness that screamed manly, Cielia hated such men.

Gesta continued.

“You’re a brilliant woman, Cielia. I would have called you the most brilliant of them all if only you weren’t carried away by emotions so easily. Prostrate and work for me so that when I get up there, you will be pulled up too. Up there, the money you will get won’t just be the scraps you receive as ‘pay’ for your work now. Riches don’t come from the empire-they come from the lands we subjugate! Release yourself from your damn emotions and become coldhearted and don’t belittle the power of the empire you serve! Look and instill into your memory Lars Filymna: the most definite symbol of power one could ask for!”

Cielia works for the good of the citizenry. This man that she forces herself to call “boss” is the type of man she hates from the bottom of her heart.

She looks up to the sky hollowly.

“Huh? What’s that…?”

A faint dot in the great blue expanse above her moved at high speeds-faster than any aircraft in the Imperial arsenal.

Cielia’s eyes widened.


Sirens rang out from the direction of Lars Filymna.

“Hm? What’s happening?”

Gesta looked at the base with a puzzled look.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The sounds of something blowing up were followed by columns of smoke rising from the base.

“Did some accident happen?”

Immediately after he ordered Cielia to prostrate herself to him and burn the image of Lars Filmyna into her memory, explosions manifested all along the base. Thinking that it was nothing but horrible timing, Gesta looked at the base dubiously. Just then, ear-piercing thunderclaps rang out from above them.

“W-What the?!”

Gesta noticed it too. Dozens of Imperial aircraft buzzing over the skies were in a moment violently reduced to burning hulks of steel left to fall from the sky. It felt as if it was the end of the world.


Anti-aircraft gunfire emanating from the base towards the skies hammered in the fact that an enemy attack was happening.

They thought they were safe. They should have been, given the enormous military might the empire focused on Lars Filymna alone. Suddenly, they fear death looming over them. They wanted to run then and there but their legs couldn’t move. They were afraid to die. They have ordered barbarians to be killed off from a place of relative safety so they never knew what it felt like to actually be in danger of dying. Cold sweat dripped down from their faces as their feet shook uncontrollably.

Explosions continued to appear from the base to the industrial complexes.

Why is the empire faltering to enemy attacks? As Gesta asked this, fear turned to anger.

In quick succession, intense explosions broke out. To him, it felt like it all happened in a single moment.

In that single moment, the base and the industrial complexes were engulfed in flames.

Now he understood how the empire had been defeated.

“The empire’s image… its power…! In flames!!!”

Snot fell from his nostrils.

Swish… BOOM!!!

Following a resounding thunderclap, an extremely fast enemy aircraft, one unlike their own, flew past them. It didn’t have any propellers, instead possessing two jets of flame protruding from its rear.

Utilizing its afterburners, an F-15J Kai fighter of the Japan Air Self Defense Force broke the sound barrier as it crossed the skies of Leiforia. The explosive blast-like shockwave from it breaking the sound barrier was strong enough to shatter windows.


The loudness, speed, and impressiveness of the fighter blew away Gesta physically and emotionally. The beloved fighter of the Imperial arsenal, the Antares, which he grew fond of, now seemed like a child’s toy in comparison with the overwhelming speed of the enemy fighter. It was so staggering that it made him question why he ever felt that the empire had a chance.


They could never win. It was apparent to even a dolt that they could never win. The difference in speed was just too great. Fear set in as he ran back inside the building screaming like a madman.

Intense flames and thick smoke blanketed the sky as Japanese aircraft buzzed around, making thunderclap noises as they passed.

Cielia surveyed her surroundings.

“So… this is just how… hopeless it is…”

She understood that the empire she must protect is on the verge of crisis. The scene all around her should have made her depressed and yet there she was, apathetic for some reason.

“It’s the end…”

Despite only following orders, the entire world knows her as the one that ordered the execution of the Japanese prisoners of war. If Japan captures her, she won’t be able to avoid a death penalty. While she rose up in rank faster than her contemporaries to the point where they called her an elitist, she was nothing more than a cog in the grand scheme of things. Still, orders were absolute; something that cannot be voided by individual opinion.

The inevitable, unyielding march of destiny. Life’s absurdity was just too damn sad.


Before she knew it, tears started falling from her eyes.

Cielia continued to stare blankly at the burning base in front of her.

Next Chapter: TBA

14 thoughts on “Japan Summons – The New World Army on the Counteroffensive 2

  1. 1. I still don’t really understand how the Japanese were able to detect the exact frequency of the GVE’s radars to be conduct jamming…

    2. Dallas’ idea of the assimilation policy was an radicalized version of what we call the “puppet state”, or something like that – using the natives against the natives and the GVE is confident (and perhaps quite true) that the Japanese will not be powerful and mentally tough enough to really defeat or wipe out those half-GVEs… Anyway, this will take a lot of time and even then, its effectiveness will still be in question.


    1. Imagine shining a green LED flashlight at someone’s face. They see the color green, and if you’re close enough, the one with the flashlight can make out their face from the green light reflecting off their face. Then imagine a red LED also shone. If both flashlights were pointed at you from afar, you see two dots of light: red and green, in different positions.

      Likewise, the “color” of the radars hitting the aircraft conducting signals intelligence (even normal fighters can do this) is blatantly obvious to the observer.


    2. For your first question, Japan does not need to detect the exact radar frequency because no matter the innovative tech they created it will still be considered behind Japan


    3. 1. For a full explanation on how it works search for Signals Intelligence or Elint. Japan has one aircraft specifically designed for this role but repurposing other aircraft to do so is possible.

      Also, Japan already has examples of their radar from the captured Valkyrie base. Though they blew the working units to bits, they still have all the spare parts.

      2. Look up Ethnocide. We’ve been doing it for centuries and usually it works.


    1. I think he could be spared the death penalty, because in a military chain of command the crime is supposed to be awarded to the one who gave the order, and those who executed the order receive a lesser penalty than the commander. (Although I’m not really sure as I only know very little about international law).


  2. “The beloved fighter of the Imperial arsenal, the Antares, which he grew fond of”

    Gesta is already at his 40s, which means the GVE is using the same airframe design for a VERY long time, with little to none improvements


    1. They say War are Best way to test Technology Peace is Time Prepare for war and research new thing,
      The World GVE come from away at War.
      available Resource go to army not tech.
      Human resource waste on Front line.
      Where New Technology will Come From? Army just beat All Genius To Jarhead.


    2. not only that, they have one design for all air combat role, they handles interception, escort, dive bombing, recon, patrol, air superiority, hell even their naval fighter is the same. i want to meet the designer and ask if he/she is reincarnated from some super advanced intergalactic empire of sort.


  3. Assimilation Policy my ass, that’s basically giving any GVE male citizen/soldier the greenlight to rape any native women they can come across. I hope the GVE as a state is annihilated for the many crimes of humanity it has committed.


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